View Full Version : Command and Conqueror Generals Installation Problem

12.07.2003, 23:21
I created an image of Generals with alcohol 120% at 1x speed with Safedisk 2 template selected. Whenever I mount this image and attempt to install the game I receive this error in the middle of installation "Error 1305: Error reading file C:\Games\Generals\SpeechEnglish.big. Verify that this file exists and that you can access it". The image was created with a Samsung SW-408B.

18.07.2003, 18:44
Anyone have any suggestions at all, I'm willing to try anything. Thx in advance!

18.07.2003, 18:49
Is this the only game that you've had problems with? Have you tried making the image in a different drive?

18.07.2003, 19:11
Ya that was my next course of action, unfortunately I don't have access to another drive at work. I will attempt this at home. However, could you advise me on a few issues. What burner could we purchase at work that would be ideal for ripping almost every game? Also is there any settings in Alcohol I might be missing or should look into? Is Alcohol the ideal program for ripping, or should I be experimenting with Blindwrite and CloneCd also? Thanks for the information!

18.07.2003, 20:17
You should purchase a burner that is capable of efm encoding. This means it should be a 120% burner (alcohol 120) or two sheep (clonecd). Personally, I use a lite-on burner.

This game is protected by safedisc 2. You should make an image with safedisc2 datatype.

Alcohol 120 is the best copying software, imo.

18.07.2003, 20:37
How do I go about verifying that a burner is 2 sheep? Is there a listing anywhere?

18.07.2003, 20:53
if you goto www.elby.ch it has listing of burners.