View Full Version : daemon font

21.03.2006, 15:52
hey i just questioned: what is this font called in the daemon logo (look at the upper right)

does anyone know how it is called / i can get it ?

23.03.2006, 22:43
I guess there is no font used. i mean the whole graphic is designed.

23.03.2006, 23:19
I bet they did use a font except on maybe the A and the E. But I have no idea what font that would be.

24.03.2006, 18:53
the font is protected among others by Walt Disney Company,
we got the friendly permission to use it for our logo.

I would not recommend to simple use it on the own page
without proper permission - otherwise this could be considered
as a copyright infringement.

28.03.2006, 10:11
Protected by the WDC? Was it used in Area 51?

29.03.2006, 00:02
exact. It was used for the "SpaceCenter" iirc. The font itself is
a variation. I have to see through the permission-papers on
my desk and can then name the inventor.

29.03.2006, 07:43
Locutus, I knew I have seen this font before... ;-)

Looks like I have to watch the movie again....