View Full Version : sometimes hangs when viewing ISO DVD

13.07.2003, 21:36
I'm using 3.29, win2000 sp3, no burning software, never easy cd creator, nero ImageTool.

When I play a ISO of a DVD, sometimes cpu goes 100% and it seems like it plays a frame every 10-20 seconds. I have to wait 20-30 seconds for a command to stop playing to take effect.

I have never had this problem when playing directly from a DVDROM drive.

I can backup and play over the problem area, so this is not due to a corrupt file.

Daemon Tools works 99% of the time - except for this one problem, which happens in maybe 1 out of 5 DVDs.

Using Crucial RAM and with both underclocked and normal speed AMD Athlon-XP+.

I didn't see anything in your change logs that applied, so I'm still on 3.29.

13.07.2003, 22:20
Try to defrag your hdd, and if cpu goes up to 100% usage check which task is chewing up the whole cpu-power.

14.07.2003, 14:15
If it were a fragmentation problem, I think it would be repeatable in the same place.

I'm using ZoomPlayer - and it is running at 100% when this occurs, but it only occurs when playing from image, not from DVDROM - so I think that DaemonTools must be giving it something it doesn't like.