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22.03.2006, 14:45
well if i turn off my computer, and i unplug the cd-roms, then i turn the computer on, the startup stops. it only comes to that page where it shows cpu freq. and to enter bios. do i have to do something in the bios to boot normally?

help please:confused:

22.03.2006, 19:36
Did you only unplug your CD/DVD-Drives or did you also unplug your harddrive? Normally you don't have to change sth. in the bios. You can change the first boot device to harddisk.

22.03.2006, 20:01
Hum... second answer? ;)

23.03.2006, 13:06
i only unplugged my 2 cd-roms. and then it stops

i will try to set the first boot device to my HD and report

thanks for your answer;)

23.03.2006, 17:44
Another things which you can get a try isto set your jumper on cable select. Maybe theres sth. wrong with the jumpers when you unplug your dives.

23.03.2006, 19:42
when your system stops by detecting the drives, it means that your jumper settings are wrong or your hardware is damaged.

24.03.2006, 11:52
so what should i do?:confused:

EDIT:the changing of boot devices doesn't work. so there is something wrong with the cables?:confused:

24.03.2006, 14:07
Set the jumpers of your hdd's to cable selct:
Don't use the configuratin of the image to set it to cable select. Have a look on your hdd's how to set them to cable select.

26.03.2006, 17:03
Cable Select is often abbreviated as "CS".

You can change all your drives to CS-mode or manage it at your own:

The Rules:

There 2 IDE Channels, called "Primary" and "Secondary".

There can be just ONE Master and ONE Slave on each Channel!

If there is a Slave drive present there MUST be a Master drive on the same Channel!

Edit: I've forgotten: If you have a single drive at an IDE Channel, you can also select the "Single" mode. At some drives you have to set this mode.

just check it out. :wink:

26.03.2006, 19:12
Remember that there are motherboards that require unplug the two cables (data and power).
if your optical drives are connected to the same cable, unplug that of the motherboard and then the power cable for both of them.

27.03.2006, 15:54
arisma, thank you 100x!!!! i unpluged the cable from the MB and now it works! :)

27.03.2006, 20:02
A pleasure to help :D