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14.07.2003, 11:00
I've been using dtools for years
never got problems

i have just installed new machine with asus P4XP-X
windows XP SP1 + all updates from windowsupdate
then i installed all softwares i need (nero ,mirc, newsbin,...) nothing strange
but when i installed dtools 3.33 my computer rebooted instantly
end then each time windows started the computer reboot
even in safe mode
just before reboot i can see that windows say that was an error and propose me to send report.

to repair my install i had to boot from an other disk then i go in windows\system32\drivers\ then i renamed the 2 .sys files from dtools to .sys2

so where's the problem ?

the ONLY thing i change from my previous machine is the motherboard.

can someone know something about that bug ?

14.07.2003, 11:13
Disable automatic reboot in case of BSOD, post exact BSOD message if possible, post newest minidump to check.

14.07.2003, 13:58
i have the file
but how i post it ?
cant find any 'join file' link

14.07.2003, 18:23
email it to andareed@daemon-tools.cc and I'll look at it or post it.

14.07.2003, 23:38
Your problem is caused by pcatip (part of blindwrite). Please download blindwrite 4.5.3 or greater to correct this problem.

15.07.2003, 16:56
i've just installed blindwrite

everything works now

thx a lot !