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22.03.2006, 20:58
Hello. I recently installed the latest DT version, and with it the SPTD files. While I did manage to get DT installed, it still doesn't work.

Every time I try to execute DT, the Windows device autodetect window pops up. Regardless of what I do in the prompts that follow ("SCSI/RAID device controller" - drivers are never found), I always get the same error message "Unable to add adapter. Device Problem 28". Not 12, but 28. There were a few times when I got "Device problem 0", though. I've uninstalled and reinstalled DT, SPTD drivers, and registry entries, but the problem persists.

Does anyone already have a solution to this issue, or any advice on the matter? Thanks in advance if you do.

My computer specs:

AMD Athlon 3000+, 1 GB RAM
Windows XP Home, SP2
2 LG DVD Drives, GSA-4163B & GDR8163B

27.03.2006, 12:51
The error means Windows can not install the driver.
Please send setupapi.log to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.

29.03.2006, 20:09
Ok. I presume that the rest of you can't understand Finnish, so it'll take me a while to translate the segment related to this problem.