View Full Version : Civilization III Play the World " the UK ver. "

14.07.2003, 17:12
HI WAY the f*** can i not make a image.. i try to use Clone CD... and later Alcohol 120%... but i cant get it to work :evil: .
Pleas help litte me :cry:

14.07.2003, 18:27
Civ3 is probably SafeDisc 2.80.010. You should use safedisc2 datatype in alcohol 120. You could also try enabling safedisc emulation.

14.07.2003, 18:58
:x damm it... no it dont work ...i have try SafeDisc 2 .. Securom *NEW (V4.x)... but no luck... :shock:

14.07.2003, 19:31
I don it :twisted: i hav made a copy ... and it work fine :mrgreen: