View Full Version : Backup of cycling manager 3

14.07.2003, 21:20
hello evorebody. I'm a newbie on this wolrd and reason I start to interest on it is because my Cd of Cycling manager 3 got a terrible scracth on her surface.

I managed to run my Cd backup, but my problems start with the pacth 1.1 relased by Cyanide. I tried to mount an image CD with daemon tool, but the program said ther's no cd in the driver.

Help me please.

Thanks for all

15.07.2003, 23:47
CM3 is protected with star-force,

what you said is quite surprising.. You claim you could run the unpatched v1.0 game from a backup CD?
What did you use to make that backup?

I'm sorry, I'm trying to guess what you migth have done, and I can only think you have a cracked v1.0; this isn't tolerated here. Hope you can clarify..

16.07.2003, 00:27
No no, I didn't cracked cycling manager 3, because I have the original one, but it's scrachted.

Ohhh I see, what you are trying to say me is if I use the craked version to do my CD backup. And that's true but what solution can I find out if my cd is scrached and the CD-Rom can't read it???? If is this ilegal my apologizes. Well I think I'm going to buy the game again because is one of my favourites.

Sorry about that. And thanks for all.