View Full Version : Bought 2 licenses but Im not showing as a customer

25.03.2006, 00:00
I have 2 computers and always trying to do the right thing, iv purchased two licenses.

But for some reason Im not showing as a customer under my profile, nor do I have access to any special downloads

I E-mailed LocutusofBorg about it but it think the poor guy gets so many E-mails he might have missed it. too much to assimilate

I tried to make a support ticket but all I get is You are not authorized to create tickets.

So who do I contact about this?

25.03.2006, 08:54
It may take up to 5 days. You won't get overlooked.

26.03.2006, 04:49
I did search the form for information about registering problems, but the official Admin posts (just found them) on registration wait times did not come up in my query originally.

Thank you for the confirmation.

Lord KiRon
04.04.2006, 21:48
I don't want to nag you guys but I registered DaemonTools two days ago , sent e-mail to "LocutusOfBorg" with my registration e-mail and forum username but still no access to support part of the forum.

I tried PM on forum too but aperently PM option does not work for me either http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/images/icons/icon9.gif

Help ?

04.04.2006, 22:15
I moved your post here Lord KiRon, see above information for an answer.

05.04.2006, 05:42
Count me in also as I paid for two licenses. I registered 7 business days ago, sent emial twice with no response. I am also unable to send a PM from this site. So far not impressed :mad:

05.04.2006, 05:56
I also bought two licenses and have not recieved an email or information regarding the private links. It has been over 7 business days so far. When will support do as they claim when registering this software. --> "Registered users will get a special support eMail adress and access to a private message forum" :confused: I also get the You are not authorized to create tickets. an have sent two email without reply.
Indeed, who do we contact?

Lord KiRon
05.04.2006, 08:21
Well I am registered now :)
I really did not needed anything just wanted to support the team.

05.04.2006, 23:14
It was a full 5 day wait but no big deal...
Quick Note to others... Make a form account before buying it...

Ohh and if you are one of the ones thats waiting for pro... Its worth it to buy it now... Lots of extra eye candy and information to keep you busy until its release.

But I cant tell or shower you here because LocutusofBorg might assimilate me.