View Full Version : Hey ummm nead help connecting dameon tools.

25.03.2006, 04:11
Hey all, k so i got super excited when i saw that they finally made Dameon tools for WIndows Xp X64, But when i installed it it said it needed to change something so i clicked ok and restarded, and then it installed fine when windows was back up.

Now that i have it installed, it changed the way my web browser looks, everything is super small :S and looks like its zoomed out. And when i try play a game (silkroad online) i get a new error..... the error is npgl.check() != NPGAMEMON_SUCCESS

idk if this has to do with dameon tools or not, but i think dameon tools messed up my comp or something or changed the way it works and now i cant play certain games. Anyone know what it did when i installed it and how i can get it back to normal?

25.03.2006, 09:28
I don't know about your web browser problem but silkroad online is a very buggy application that's still in beta. And it is a free game so they don't have a lot of resources.