View Full Version : audio skipping after removal of Daemon

23.11.2002, 14:07
I have been having some trouble with Daemon. I upgraded to XP and then found that if I wasn't using the mouse constantly, the drive would just start backing itself up, or something like that...lets just say the drive would run and audio files would skip. After a fairly lengthy appriach to the problem, I found out that it was Daemon that was doing it. I tried uninstalling it through the control panel, and that didn't help...still audio skip. I then tried to reinstall Daemon and then reinstall it, and now it has two files in the program manager window (cidaemon.exe) . I then tried deleting all files from daemon, and that didn't work. I tried removing the .exe file and it just keeps coming back. I would appreciate any help with this issue, as I have to keep closing the programs in the program manager (however, these keep coming back every two to five minutes, and the audio skipping returns with a vengence) Thanks and I hope that someone might be able to help.

23.11.2002, 14:42
cidaemon.exe is not part of Daemon Tools.