View Full Version : CD only?

15.07.2003, 19:39
Is there a version of daemon tools that supports only cd emulation. When I backuped final fantasy 8 and I wanted to play it using the images. But now the game doesn't support and/or recognizes DVD drives, I already tried the original cd's in a DVD-drive and the game didn't find them.

Thx for any help in advance

15.07.2003, 21:36
What protection does this game use? Maybe you should try installing from virtual drive and/or dvdrom. It could be that install drive letter is the only letter that will let you play.

16.07.2003, 13:28
Thx, I will try that. Didn't think of that one... :roll:

17.07.2003, 13:52
Final Fantasy 8 stores which drive you installed from in the Windows registry, and will allow you to use ONLY that drive. If you use regedit and search for Final Fantasy 8 you can manually set the drive letter to the virtual one.

On another note, you can copy the CD contents to the harddrive and and change the registry info to use that as a drive, but it will lock up when it tries to play a movie.