View Full Version : WinXP - BSOD - cant boot into Windows

25.03.2006, 21:44
Hi Guys,

Really hope you can help. I just mounted 2 virtual drives with Daemon, and after the reboot, I simply get a BSOD...


So..... How do I get to boot into windows again?

My HDD are NFTS formatted. When I try to boot via my RAID slots, I also get a BSOD, just with the error: NTFS.SYS

Daemon somehow corrupted my NTFS.SYS file (I guess). Hoe do I get around this?

My hardware:
Asus P4GD1 mobo
2x512 Geil pc4200 memory

Any help is HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!

26.03.2006, 15:53
i guessing that you cant access safe mode, but if you can rename sptd.sys and sptdxxxx.sys.

also have a look at this ms kb article: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=297185.