View Full Version : Laptop problem with CD/DVD combo drive

26.03.2006, 10:20
I have uninstalled an unkown version of Daemon tools, (earlier this year) an ever since my cd-RW/dvd drive has not always been showing up in my computer as if i don't have a cd/dvd drive at all!
I still have acsess to my C drive, and any other devices i plugin through USB or whateva. But when i start up my laptop, about only 1 times in 4 or so my CD-RW/DVD drive shows up. If i put a CD or DVD in the drive when the icon isn't in my computer, nothin happens and i havent found a solution. How can i get my CD/DVD combo drive to work every time I start up??
-I have Windows XP Priofessional service pack 2 Version 2002
-I have a program called "drag'n drop CD+DVD" as burning software.
-ive never used easy cd creator
-My computer is a Toshiba A100, with pentium m, 1.4 ghz, 496mb of ram.
thnx, matt

26.03.2006, 11:56
Try reinstalling your cd-drive (device manager).

26.03.2006, 12:12
If safe mode, under device manager erase your optical drives and then reboot in normal mode.

27.03.2006, 06:59
i cant find anything to do with cd/dvd drives or drivers in device manager. theyve completely disapeared. i cant istall it again as "new hardware" because the computer doesn't find it. perhaps i should find a program on the net which can reset my drivers or sumething??my cd/dvd drive is not working at all now.
any ideas would be greatly apreciated.

05.11.2006, 19:55
My drive start spinning and changes apperance - but indicates 0 byte on disk and I can't do anything with it. If I insert the bay after re-boot everything works as normal. Have also unistalled everything. Any suggestions is welcome.

07.11.2006, 00:55
since ive wiped my hardisk and reinstalled windows, the problem still occurs, however it is not as frequent now. maybe 1 in 8 times. however the problem is still there which would suggest that this may be hardware related.

17.12.2006, 13:06
Have same problem, found that Nero system tools said: System ASPI corrupt (Nero ASPI ok). And I actually have two identical systems - same problem with both.