View Full Version : Daemon Tools 4.03 and spdt.sys install error

26.03.2006, 16:01
Daemon Tools update 4.03 is crap.
It works fine with no problems except for the virtual scsi drivers tries to install on every reboot.
Tried all the fixes in the posts to no avail. Windows still insists on installing "iviVD.sys".
Guess I'll go back to 4.0 that still works fine without any hiccups!!!!!!!

26.03.2006, 19:09
The funny part of the story is that Daemon Tools has nothing to do with iviVD.sys - what is it, where does it come from?

21.07.2006, 14:57
You will have trouble installing and the installation will go into continuous reboot as it reads that either spdt.sys or dtscsi.sys is in the Windows\system32\drivers\ folder. You need to remove these first - then install DAEMON tools.