View Full Version : Mounting/Writing to a Blank CD

26.03.2006, 17:45
I have some files in Windows Media Player that I'd like to burn to CD. It uses the built in Nero Fast Burner only, but my question is...

Can you mount a blank image or whatnot to a drive, so that Nero, let's say, can write to it, therefore making it much faster, and not requiring actual CDs?

thanks for the help!

26.03.2006, 19:41
You want to create an Audio-CD image? And you don't want to burn it on cd, you want to "burn" it directly into an image.
You can do this with Nero.
Open up Nero and choose audio cd. Select your files like you always do it.
Then press CTRL+R (or press Recorder->choosrder).e reco
Mark the image recorder and press OK. Now Nero won't burn the cd using your CD/DVD writer, nero will use his image recorder and create an image instead of burning your choosen data onto a cd.
Then press burn. After that Nero asks you where to save the image. You can choose the iso or nrg file format.
The next time you want to burn sth. on cd you have to change back the recorder to your CD/DVD writer.