View Full Version : BSOD on install

16.07.2003, 12:56
I get a BSOD whenever I try and install Daemon tools above 3.00 on:
Athlon 1.2
512M 133 DIMM
GeForce 4
Abit KT7 (think it's a KT)
win XP
Any ideas anyone??

16.07.2003, 13:19
Do you have blindwrite? If yes, please download 4.5.3+. If not, please post your dmp file file from C:\windows\minidump or send it to andareed@daemon-tools.cc.

16.07.2003, 13:46
It's a tad odd but I seem to have resolved the problem!
It's linked to either:
Raxio perfect disc

if you find the problem I'd be intrigued as to which one caused it!
Cheers for the prompt response as well Andareed

16.07.2003, 13:49
Do you use newest AnyDVD I donÒ‘t have any problems with it in Win2k ...