View Full Version : all games don't work anymore

27.03.2006, 16:27
i just updated my windows xp with the latest updates then everytime i start a game this message comes up.

"CD/DVD emulation software has been detected. Please diable all CD/DVD emulation software and re-start the game"

Operating System: WinXP SP2 latest updates included
Burning Software: Nero 7 premium
Anti-virus Software: Norton internet security 2005 anti-spyware edition
DAEMON Tools Version: 4.03HE

any help is appreciated...

27.03.2006, 19:14
Which game do you want to start? Did you use some antiblacklisting programs?

27.03.2006, 19:21
fifa 06,NBA live 06 no i did not use any blacklisting it worked fine before i updated

28.03.2006, 13:33
These EA Games are all Safedisk 4 protected.
Try using Safedisk 4 Hider or CureROM for antiblacklisting.
Does it work with the original. Do you have CloneCD installed?

28.03.2006, 15:26
i tried both program same message appears. the original is meesed up the drive does not read it anymore. can you suggest other programs that can hide the vitual?

28.03.2006, 18:17
How did you create your image (which program/settings)?