View Full Version : Problems Burning Sims Superstar backups

17.07.2003, 03:55
I have tried making backups with CloneCD and Blind Write 4.0. They make disc that allow the game to be installed, but the game cannot run of the backup. Please help me, I don not want to mess up my original copy.

17.07.2003, 15:12
You have to enable 'hide atip' feature if you play from the burner. CloneCD's 'hide atip' is blacklisted by many protections now. You could try the trial of alcohol 120 and make an image using safedisc2 datatype.

You should also post your burner model and check if it can encode efm correctly.

17.07.2003, 18:32
My burner type is a Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-3488

17.07.2003, 18:52
You can't burn efm correctly. You will have to play your backup with daemon tools safedisc emulation enabled.