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The Duke
17.07.2003, 12:27
Hi everybody ;-)

Welcome to me first post.

And here ist the Problem.

I've created an *.iso File with DVD Decrypter from an org. DVD. Now I've got this ~ 8 GB ISO File on my HardDisk....but I can't mount this crap with Daemon-Tools. *sux*
The *.mds File is there, too....so I can mount with Alcohol120, and it works fine.


Ist there any possibility, to mount such an ISO Image with Daemon-Tools ??


17.07.2003, 12:45
Can you mount the mds-file in Daemon Toolsґ virtual drive?

The Duke
17.07.2003, 12:54
Can you mount the mds-file in Daemon Toolsґ virtual drive?Damn...I try it, yeah, but it don't work. I also set the RegionCode on N°2 (it's a german*crowd* DVD :-))....

Then I tried Alcohol120. With that Program the mounting was n.p.

NOW: I've deaktivated the VirtualDrive from Alcohol120 und reactivated the Daemon-Tools VirtualDrive....an what should I say....
I can mount the *.mds File :D:D


Tx & SeeYa