View Full Version : Can't run setup

17.07.2003, 13:44
Can I get I list of the files that Setup installes?
The Setup doesn't run on my old windows but I have it installed on another PC...so can I just copy the files onto the old PC?
I tried to do so but I got an error "no language support detectet"! So what is it I can/have to do?
Or is there another way to install Daemon Tools without running Setup?

17.07.2003, 13:49
Which Windows version? Do you have Windows Installer installed?

17.07.2003, 14:14
The Windows Version is Windows 98 4.10
That's all I can say, I don't have the PC here right now...
I think I'll check the thing with the Windows Installer and post again if I know more (or not ;)

17.07.2003, 23:26
ok..it worked after I installed the windows installer...perhaps the next time i should read the "DAEMON Tools Help" first... :/
anyway, now I see that my image file doesn't work..but thats another problem, think I'll have to re-create it ;)

but thanks for your help!