View Full Version : awxDTools for V4 - 32bit-version

30.03.2006, 01:21
Link is broken http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/files/setup_awxDTools_1.0.6.0_x32.exe

30.03.2006, 01:40
already fixed ;)

30.03.2006, 03:03
All I get using IE is the WhenU installer, and NOT AwxDTools.
When using Firefox I get the right file.

30.03.2006, 07:29
I had the same problem. It took me over half an hour to realize what I was doing wrong. I kept re-installing WhenU and SaveNow over and over again then I read your post and got the download w/o problems via firefox.

30.03.2006, 16:46
I was having the same problem, I'm getting Firefox now to see if it will work for me

30.03.2006, 19:32
Yes, only seems to work with Firefox ???

30.03.2006, 21:33
I downloaded it successful this morning, with firefox.

30.03.2006, 21:55
It seems there's some javascript that checks for IE, and it should only give the proper download after WhenU is installed.
But there's some bug in it, so it keeps sending the WhenU installer instead of awxDTools.

30.03.2006, 22:28
the link in the downloads only allowed me to install the WhenU Save Ad after screwing around for a few minutes i found the correct file on arniworx web site


so far i've only found 32bit not the 64bit

there ya go

31.03.2006, 00:21
Again with WhenU shit? FUck! This destroied BSplayer too! Why not make it an option in the first place if it can be uninstalled later?!

31.03.2006, 00:42
The 64bit version is on there too, just click the small Windows 64bit logo ;)

31.03.2006, 03:36
I installed the new xp32 awxDTools no problems (cheers btw) but everytime i right click an image this happens...


Which in turn kills explorer :(

Any thoughts?

31.03.2006, 05:59
reaps, I suggest uninstalling awxDTools and then reinstalling without changing the install path. I'd also select all the installation option checkboxes. For sure this error will go away when you uninstall the program and this error only happens upon right clicking certain things ... I've too encountered this problem before.

Addendum: I was mixing up two different programs in my mind. Everything I wrote above is about daemonscript not awxDTools, so nevermind.

31.03.2006, 06:54
done it a few times, same error http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/images/icons/icon9.gif

02.04.2006, 21:10
Performing the regsvr32 command to try and register the daemontools.dll etc... fails every time for me, it suggests I turn SecureMode OFF in DaemonTools which I've done but still won't register so I've had to uninstall for now :(