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31.03.2006, 13:53
Hello there.

I got daemon-tools few days ago and it installed without problems. But now I have discovered a new problem. After playing for example Battlefield 2 I exit the daemon tools. But when I log off my winxp account there always comes a window that says "ending explorer". This window doesn't pop up when I haven't used the daemon tools. So how can daemon-tools effect to the windows explorer like this? Is there any way to fix this? I only play Battlefield 2 and it's bought from store.

01.04.2006, 05:07
Try maybe unmounting the bf2 image you have mounted to play before logging off.
I myself have not experienced the problem you are having, but it kinda makes sense to me that the mounted image may be holding u up on shut down.

01.04.2006, 12:26
Thanks for your advice Ampheta but I always unmount the image and exit the daemon-tools before logging off. We are going to format the hard drive soon so I hope it would help. Thanks anyway.

01.04.2006, 14:46
Why do you shut down DT ? I leave it always on.

01.04.2006, 16:37
me too, because exiting the daemon.exe does not make any sense, nor makes any difference.

@lalli: the problem you've discovered just appears after playing a game?

01.04.2006, 22:01
I just tried to log off without playing a game and the daemon-tools on. The "ending program - explorer.exe" didn't come. The window comes only when I've played Battlefield 2 and used the daemon-tools. The window doesn't come when I don't use the daemon-tools when played.