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31.03.2006, 14:30
I installed D-tool version 3.29 tonight because some emulator needs it to run games (big mistake). I thought it'd be fine since it works okay on my PC. I'm guilty for being stupid.

I had D-tools 4.00 installed then uninstalled it to install 3.29. Afterwards, I rebooted to finish the setup and to my surprise, I got the blue screen at the login screen. I should also mention that it only happens after I login to my windows account. I can't seem to recall what it says and it goes by so fast that it's impossible for me to read.

I went through the forum topics and tried to fix it even though it was for versions 3.44 and up. I started off by removing drivers in my system32 folder. I found the SPTD.sys, sptdxxx and a DTxxx file which I all renamed (couldn't find d34xbus.sys files) I went on regedit and erased DTxxx folder. I rebooted, again, blue screen error. In my device manager, there were no DT related devices listed from the beginning.

As I was typing this, somehow the computer magically booted up to the normal windows after I had logged on and DT 3.29 screen popped up saying that it's finished the installation. I quickly went to uninstall DT 3.29 and got the blue screen of death, again. Now I'm back to problem number 1, I can't boot windows normally without blue screen of death buzzing by and rebooting my computer.

I really need help and I really appreciate you reading. Thanks.

31.03.2006, 15:43
Removal procedure of such obsolete version is mentioned in these threads:
Be sure to remove obsolete Daemon Tools driver files (st3***.sys files, if in doubt ask before deletion!).