View Full Version : Upgrading without Uninstall

19.07.2003, 22:10
Hi. I had v3.26 but forgot to uninstall before installing D-Tools v3.33. I have checked the Common Questions forum and seen the registry-key removal instructions in "Install fails: last resort for uninstall" (something like that). I'd like to make sure I didn't leave anything behind tho, so I've 2 questions.

1. Is there a v3.26 somewhere that I can download so I can do it the right way?
2. Are there other steps I need to take to complete remove 3.26 from my system?

Thanks a lot.

19.07.2003, 22:13
If you go to the download section, you will see archives. Here you can download 3.26. I would suggest to uninstall all versions. Then install 3.26, reboot. Then uninstall 3.26, reboot. Then install 3.33. However, uninstall should not be needed in most cases, as newer version will uninstall old version.