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19.07.2003, 23:58
Just Downloaded and Registered Daemon Tools, reading the Read Me text,
it is suggested not to have Roxio EX CD Creator on CPU ( I have 5 uninstalled);
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then read me tells me even though uninstalled it may not be completely gone, to consider feurio, feurio will remove all of Roxio EZ CD off CPU, no problem, I take a look, decide what the heck, seems good to me (cause I dont know anything anyway). Download to try first (thank goodness I did);
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Feurio did not recgonize any of my drives, I have 1 CD-RW=HL-DT-ST GCD-81608B; 1 DVD-ROM PIONEER DVD-117R; 1 External DVD+RW SONY DRX 500UL connected with USB.

No SCSI connection or equipment, own DVD XCopy & Xpress but having problems, figured to try back-up another way. E-Mailed feurio awating a response....Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to proceed without SCSI using just the equipment on hand now. I want to back-up DVD's and still be able to burn CD's, Can Not afford SCSI.

20.07.2003, 00:06
I don't understand your problem. How is daemon tools related to all of this?

I suggest you try some other burning software (alcohol 120, clonecd, nero, etc...) and see if they detect your burner.

20.07.2003, 00:18
Sorry, the read me text file that comes with Daemon Tools tells of all known problems, main one regarding EZ CD Creator which may cause system to crash when both Daemon Tools and Roxico EZ installed the readme suggested the CD feurio for CD burning instead mentioning it works better with Daemon Tools and makes sure Roxio EZ stuff is removed, to prevent system crash.

At the present time it does not seem like the Feurio will work for me, it does not recgonize any of my drives and I do have any type of SCSI connection,, I say that because I gather that is the perferred manner to proceed with that program.

I have used some parts of Nero free download along with DVD XCopy & Xpress, but after the latest upgrade those programs have not worked for me anymore. I figured I should seek a better process. It was my attempt to try and follow the DVD Decriptor guide and it suggested I need Daemon Tools etc..
So now I am at this point. I do not know anything about Alcohol 120 ? or CloneCD ? I do not have those programs at my disposal.


20.07.2003, 01:01
Once you install furio, it checks for easy cd drivers and will remove them. After this there is no need to keep furio installed. Personally, I don't have an external burner so I have no idea about how this would work with burning software. It should work fine though.

As for clonecd, and alcohol, I was suggesting to download a trial and see if these programs recognize your burner.

You also mention dvd decryptor. Are you trying to backup a movie?

20.07.2003, 01:07
Yes DVD Movie back-up as well as continuing to be abel to burn CD's. At first the idea did not seem so difficult but now it seems impossible.
Ok so now I should uninstall feurio, now what will I use for the CD's ? If Roxio EZ is not a good idea ? You have to understand I have been thru so many programs, Actually liked DVD Xcopy until problems that seem no to go away. so I am trying a Guide from Doom 9.

20.07.2003, 03:18
Hello TJones,

your problem is simple: You can't backup simply DVD-Movies, because they don't fit on a DVD-R most of the time.

To backup a DVD, you need a decrypter (like dvd-decrypter, f.e. and imho the best);
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than you can make a iso-file of your original dvd.

You now can mount such iso with Daemon Tools. Now you must compress this iso so that it fit it on a dvd-r (4.36GB).

This programs are able to recompress such iso's:

CloneDVD (from elby.ch)
InstantCopy (from pinnaclesys.com)
DVDShrink (don't know, where to download, maybe doom9.org)

there are some other programs out there which are able to do the same or similar tasks. Personally I checked the above mentioned programs, CloneDVD and InstantCopy are very easy to use, so you should not get in deep trouble. Just try them out.

For CD Backup purposals you can also try Alcohol120% (alcohol-software.com);
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which is imho the best backup-tool for CD's

These are my personal (!) opinions. Of course there are enough guys out there which have a different view of sight, but I'm sure you can manage to backup your movies without a problem, if you try out the above mentioned programs, it's not impossible

Good Luck!

20.07.2003, 03:25
Got It !

I just downloaded my trial of Alcohol, will try your suggestions.
Again Thanks,