View Full Version : Unable to uninstall D tool 4.00

02.04.2006, 18:51
while i try to uninstall , I get this msg
' Unable to remove adpator. Device SCSI\CdRom&Ven_HL5213X&Prod_THP117P&Rev_1.0\5&1dab6f2a&4&000 has outstanding open handles ' and it gives me the option Abort, Ignore, Retry. There is something fishy about this, so I didn't try ignoring it.
And I didn't find Dtool in control panel -> add/remove programs
But I LOVE the software. I juz couldn't figure it out as I wanted to uninstall and start from scratch

Plz help me with this


02.04.2006, 20:57
Daemon-Tools 4 isn't listed in add/remove software you have to uninstall it with the link in the start menü.
Unmount all images and set the number of devices to "Disable".
Then try again uninstalling it.

03.04.2006, 18:05
hi thanx for ur prompt reply !!
but even when I try to disable 'set number of devices' after I unmount all drives, I still get the same msg "Device SCSI .......has outstanding open handles"

what should i do ?.....

03.04.2006, 18:48
Press ignore and continue.

07.04.2006, 13:24
hi thanx again
I did ignore and it worked but wont it cause any problems in future, as i had difficulty playing POP-T2T, and it all started from here!