View Full Version : Kerio Firewall + Daemon Tools = Bad

02.04.2006, 19:52
Has anyone had this problem and how did you resolve it:

I use Kerio Personal Firewall. With it on whenever I load a disc into Daemon Tools it takes over 1:30 seconds for the autorun program to appear, in the interim it looks as if the autorun program has crashed. When I try to look at the discs contents explorer.exe becomes unstable and usually crashes.

With Kerio Firewall turned off, autorun appears instantly, I can browse the disc as I should be able to.

How can a firewall be affecting DT? Why would it be affecting autorun? Am I going to have to find a new favorite firewall or does anyone have any suggestions?

02.04.2006, 20:37
I Use kerio for years... also Daemon tools
and never had a problem...
Which version of the programs do you use

02.04.2006, 20:38
I also have Sunbelt Kerio Firewall but never had any problems.

03.04.2006, 15:08
Hi I'm also using Kerio/Subelt... It takes 1:30 seconds = 1.5 seconds? And this is a reason for you to look for an other firewall?
In which mode did you install Kerio? Lerning or Easy?

03.04.2006, 16:03
it takes over 1:30 seconds
He's got to mean 90 seconds.

Lord KiRon
03.04.2006, 16:13
Also using Kerio and 0 problems.