View Full Version : Images not mounting after reboot

03.04.2006, 20:04
Hi all,

Would appreciate an answer to a probably simple question. I mount images (no problem there) and everything works fine. After I reboot, they are no longer mounted anymore and I have to manually remount them. The images are located on another PC and are accessed via a mapped network drive. Never seemed to have a problem with it till fairly recently, I tried enabling and disabling a number of options to see if that helped or not and no dice. I'm using D-Tools version 4.03HE.

Thanks for any help, sincerely appreciated!

03.04.2006, 20:45
Maybe you disabled automount?
But actually it is good to have automount disabled with network images, cause if the related drivers are not loaded when Daemon Tools accesses the files file system relocator probably causes a system hang.

04.04.2006, 03:03
I have Automount checked.
Thanks for the reply :)

04.04.2006, 04:23
Automount is turned on, thats what i gussed too but no luck :(

Thanks for the reply :)