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21.07.2003, 16:44
i am new to daemon tools and this forum :)

everytime i restart my computer (a normal shut down) after running daemon tools, the first thing i get when i log back in windows is "Virtual SCSI driver not detected"
and daemon tools will not run after that. still giving me "Virtual SCSI driver not detected"..

i need to uninstall then install again everytime to make it run.. i tried "unmount all drives" before i shut down. but it didn't help.

is there any way to avoid this?

thank you.

21.07.2003, 23:03
My Daemon tools will not work at all. Every time I start my computer up I get this message "Virtual SCSI Driver not found." and Deamon tools will not work. Does anyone know how to fix this or where I can find the damn Virtual SCSI Drivers? Please Help

21.07.2003, 23:55
Both of you, please run devmgmt.msc. Double click on st3??? under scsi section. Please post the error that it says (could not load drivers, etc...).

22.07.2003, 02:00
it saids the device is working properly..

and i have to choose "last good config" or the computer wouldn't start.
i have 2 os, winXP and win98.

22.07.2003, 02:53
and i have to choose "last good config" or the computer wouldn't start.

Why do you have to do this? I assumed you only get error message telling you virtual scsi is not installed. Or do you get some bsod?

22.07.2003, 02:54
sorry what is bsod?

22.07.2003, 03:46
Blue screen of death. Usually you see a blue screen with writing, and then your computer either locks or reboots.

22.07.2003, 04:43
bsod do you mean when the computer ask you to scan for the errors on disks? i know little about computers..

when i do a restart, the computer will ask me to choose one of the five
normal start
last default
safety mode

only last default works out of all. others will just reboot at some point before getting in windows. so it's like running in circles.
sometimes i don't get the 5 options startup screen and i have to press restart button On the computer in order to get to that screen...

i scanned for virus and got nothing.

22.07.2003, 15:46
ok. You are getting a bsod, but it is just rebooting right after. Could you please email your latest *.dmp files from C:\windows\minidump to andareed@daemon-tools.cc.

22.07.2003, 16:52
Ok when I run that and click oh the st3wolf SCSI it pops up st3wolf SCSI controller properties. I try to update the drivers or roll them back and I get the same message Cannot start this hardware there was a problem intalling this hardware SCSI/Raid fost controller This device cannot start (code 10)

22.07.2003, 17:04
@hyde: Hi. I'm not 100% sure, but it appears to be complaining about nv4_disp, which is your video card drivers. I'll post your dmp here, so someone else can take a look.

btw, do you have onboard sound/video? Can you please post all other burning software installed.


22.07.2003, 17:06
@BrotherSIN: Click update, and check specify location. Then point to C:\windows\inf.

22.07.2003, 19:15
Andareed I have Daemon tools, Alcohol 120%, Virtual CD, Roxio 6, Clone CD, and Nero for my burning software. I have updated all my drivers and the same thing is still going on. I don't have anything in my minidump to post. My motherboard has built in sound, but I allso have a ATI all in wonder radeon 7500 video card, and all my drivers are updated for them both. The problem seemed to have started after a windows xp up date. I haven't been able to get Daemon tools to load up for 3 to 4 months now and I'm at my wits end here, because I have been having problems with my computer for the last 2 months and I need my Virtual SCSI to work so my Daemon tools and Alcohol 120% will work again so I can burn off some game image files I have that will not fit on disc the way they are. then I can reformat my hard drives and reinstall my os and other software. Then I wont have any problems for a while. For some reason I can't get back to the SCSI part in my device manager to Click update, and check specify location. Then point to C:\windows\inf. As you can see I need lots of help LOL

22.07.2003, 20:17
If you disable onboard sound does this help? When you mention updating windows xp, do you mean an update for it, or you upgraded your os to windows xp (from win98, f.e.)?

22.07.2003, 23:24
Windows XP does its own updates every so often. The last time Daemon tools worked was about 3 months ago. The sound drivers for my motherboard are disabled since I have the all in wonder.

23.07.2003, 23:32
i only have Nero installed.
um what should i do about the video card drivers..?

23.07.2003, 23:53
Maybe there is a newer version. Goto you video card manufacturer and see if you can find updated drivers. Personally, i've had issues sometimes with nvidia drivers.