View Full Version : Searchbar forced install?!

03.04.2006, 20:31

On attempting to install the latest version of Daemon Tools I was fully aware that I would have the option of opting out of installing the Searchbar ad software. All 4 boxes were checked with a green tick by default, but I was unable to uncheck them, therefore being forced into installing it.

The Searchbars own installation window popped up but I had no option but to install it and then uninstall afterwards.

Also, once I did uninstall the Searchbar through Add/Remove programs it continued to try and reinstall itself on subsequent reboots. Not sure if I did the right thing by just deleting the folder in the C:Program Files directory?

Also, Daemon Tools never appeared in the Add/Remove Programs section of the Control Panel.

Anyone else have these problems?



03.04.2006, 21:38
Already mentioned here: (also wrong forum, thus I moved the thread)