View Full Version : I give thanks

21.07.2003, 19:48
Just a quick note to thank for the wonderful Daemon Tools. I use my laptop for gaming and rather than having to lug lots of cd's everywhere I can just store the images of my favourite games on the Hard Drive and play them whenever I want. So thank yoy for making my life that little bit better. (you need a thank you smiley :D )

21.07.2003, 19:53
So now you can register daemon tools and give a 'money' thank you :lol:

21.07.2003, 22:25
The 'Money' thank you has been done. I look forward to the added benefits. I would also like to urge anyone out there who has not given the proper thanks for this software...Please do so now ( I sound like an advert now dont I?) :D :D :D :D :D