View Full Version : mounted game but unable to read

04.04.2006, 23:12
Hi there, i'm a new user and seem to be having problems i have got a game to play and it is saved on my pc i have mounted the file onto Deamon Tools. It installs ok but when i got to play the game it says "please insert cd-dvdrom and restart application" this happens with any game i try to play:confused: :mad: :confused: have i got my setting wrong? i have verson v4.03 and the image mount to the drive but still doesnt work please can someone help???:wink:

04.04.2006, 23:56
How did you create your image (which program/settings)?
Which game do you want to play?

05.04.2006, 04:17
im playin final fantasy 7 with the proper ".ISO" images

after defeating "Hojo" im asked to insert disk 3, soo i unmount disk 2 and mount disk 3 but it still reads disk 3 as disk 2?

other then the fact that disk 3 is almost the exact same size as disk 2, why is it behaving like disk 2?:confused: