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05.04.2006, 10:53
This access layer came out in December but I just noticed it now. It's a free ASPI driver.


ASPI has been replaced by SPTI and other access methods nowadays (ASPI was the WAY in Win9x/ME) but this is an interesting project nonetheless.

05.04.2006, 13:28
I'm currently working on FrogAspi v1.0 more professional.

Thanks for the message ;)

I'm actually looking for developpers.
please PM me or contact me through frogaspi for more information.

05.04.2006, 14:17
Looks interesting.

I like the 'Please Donate' message

With your donation, I will buy Delphi 2006.

With this development software, I'll provide other useful tools.


05.04.2006, 19:53
I thought that was a humorous way to gather money too.

14.04.2006, 14:12
Developping Softwares cost money, time, energy...
So, if you use a program you like, I think a donation is the smallest thing you can do.

In a better world, each one will donate what he think a software cost...

But it's right we all need to eat.

I thought that was a humorous way to gather money too.
Not fully.
People who send money like in general to know what is donation is used for....
I just wanted to indicate people that the money they'll send me will be used to buy tools, so that I could create better products.
It's a kind of invest...

14.04.2006, 20:32

You mis-understand my post, neither I or @Underheaven were criticising you, you have no need to explain yourself. I am always one of the first in line to donate to help the developement of worthwhile software & I admire people such as yourself who are prepared to put so much hard work into something such as this :)

What I was referring to was the unique way you word your 'Please Donate' message. I found that amusing & to the point :D not a criticism but more a compliment to you.

14.04.2006, 21:06
Yea, reading that would actually give me a higher desire to donate. There's an incentive besides the feel good part --for there's future software in the pipeline.

17.04.2006, 10:48
@joeboy and @Underheaven
thanks for your messages.

and an unofficial news...
Testers are testing the new FrogAspi engine

I hope to write more words soon in this topic.
But before jully, I won't have lot of time (my employer, my end year school report, and my family life... )

Thanks for the remarks