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22.07.2003, 16:38
i spent the evening off and on reading your site and eventually downloaded daemon tools 3.33.

i don't seem to have any kind of msi on my computer because the installation prodedure locked up and aborted, so i did some more reading and exploring on your pages and found an installer, version 3.32 from your files and just kinda put it in a folder on my harddrive.

what's happening now is that daemon tools starts to install, but after a few seconds, i get a message that says "cannot create install.exe" and i have to quit at that point.

i have no clue what to do. :(

i've been told by my friends that this is prolly the only program that will let me make a reliable working copy of my NeverWinter Nights CDs. i have had horrible problems with 3" long radial cracks forming around the inner ring of the CDs and the publisher refused to replace them, because they didn't break until AFTER the 90 day warranty.

i made a copy, not knowing what i was doing really, using my Nero, but it's only working about 50% of the time. i just got the expansion pack yesterday and i can't install it!! the installer requires the Play Disc (which is the one with cracks) but the first copy i made isn't good enough for the install program to recognize. and my original disk with cracks, well, it just freezes the game's installation. i did everything i could think of... including copying the files off the cd onto my hard drive and directing the installation to that in place of my cds. that's when i realized it wouldn't work, because the copy protection wasn't showing up for it.

*sighs* i'm sorry for going on and on, but i'm at a loss and i feel so stupid. :(

can you please help me? i'd really appreciate it.



my system specs:

Win XP Pro, SP 1 and most of the updates
P4 2.53
512 mb DDRam, pc2100
radeon 9700 pro 128 mb
ati drivers: Cat 3.6 (whql certified)
DX 9.0a
sound audigy 2
...most recent drivers
Lite On CDRW
Lite On DVDR