View Full Version : Winamp Audio CD ripping issue with DTool

06.04.2006, 11:42
Hi Guys

Have anyone noticed that Winamp's CD ripping functionality (optical drive) is broken with Deamon Tools installed. Once you disable the STool SCSI controller it works again.

When ripping with Winamp you get a hardware is in use error. What's DTools doing with my other optical drives?

Hope someone has a fix for this,

06.04.2006, 12:46
For me it's working. Also when i have mounted an image.
What version of Winamp are you using. CD-Ripping only works with pro-version (you've to pay for it) i think.

06.04.2006, 20:02
And what version of DAEMON Tools are you using? Also I assume you're only trying to rip from real drives and not virtual drives.

22.04.2006, 09:12
Hi there Guys,

Sorry for the long delay on replaying - I appreciate your help.

Yup I have the registered pro Winamp version. And ripping used to work fine on Audio CDs before DTools 4.03. If I disable the SCSI Host controller and quit DTools everything is fine again.

I've noticed No1 DVD Ripper also refuses to Ripp when this is enabled with a message saying it is not necesary to load device locking software like PowerDVD etc and it cannot continue. Once I disable the DTools SCSI controller its fine again. How can I check what's locked on my physical drives? I'm not sure why DTools would lock my physical drives in this way anyhow?

Hope someone has some ideas. Never had this is ver 3 of D-Tools.

Best regards