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07.04.2006, 12:05
is it just me or does anyone esle not know why there is the option to change vendor, model and revision.
is it used to fool some protection, and if so, what programs/games is it used for. also can you give some example vendor/model/revision.

07.04.2006, 12:47
It is best to not copy the vendor/model/revision from an example because the purpose of making changes is ending up with drive settings that are unique (yes, i know this is obvious). If you want to avoid a simple blacklist, you can utilize this function.

I'll let other people try and remember some old games for an answer to your other question. But think about this: do you think people would complain if this deprecated functionality was removed?

07.04.2006, 13:00
Oh, do you know how stupid protection creators are? Some actually blacklisted "Generic" as vendor name! Although there are real devices with such model name. So go figure ... ;)