View Full Version : Dvd drive no longer reading dvd's

09.04.2006, 12:05

I've had D-tools installed for a while now, and my Dvdr drive stopped reading dvd's. It will still write them, and read and write cd's, but when I put a dvd in there to read, it just whirls away and nothing happens.

This started happening as soon as d-tools was installed, but I did not put 2 and 2 together right then, thinking my drive had just crapped out on me, until my roomate installed d-tools aswell ( on my recommendation, which I now feel real bad about) and the same thing happened to them.

We both have wiped our drives and re installed windows, and the drives still do the same thing, and neither of us have d-tools installed at the moment.

Any ideas what was changed once d-tools was installed, is there anything we can do to get our drives working again?

Thanks for any help,

09.04.2006, 18:51
If you re-installed Windows (i.e. deleted the previous installation/did a format), and didn't re-install Daemon Tools, the issue can not be caused by Daemon Tools.
Daemon Tools does not change anything, it just installs its drivers.
Check if your drive can read DVDs in DOS mode, if it fails, you should consider a defective device.