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10.04.2006, 00:52
i got same message, but when i start deamon tools my comp become terribly slow... what is the problem???? please help me...

10.04.2006, 09:39
(Post moved from thread: Debugging because this is not a similar topic)

balkanboy, as said in that thread when you see the message:

This program will install SCSI Pass Through direct
SPTD layer on your computer. WARNING SPTD is not
compatible with kernel debuggers please cancel setup
if you plan to use kernel debuggers on this machine
it is an informational message. It does not mean anything good or bad. Everyone will see the message no matter what.

Can you provide more information about your slowness issue? What does the task manager say about CPU usage?
What OS and Service Pack are you using? What version of DAEMON Tools do you have installed? Are you able to use the computer or play games or do you have to exit the DAEMON Tools tray icon program before the system becomes responsive again? What if you uncheck options AutoStart and Automount?