View Full Version : D-tools 4.03 hanging

10.04.2006, 16:55
I use D-Tools 4.03, and when I mount an image of Toca3, the system hangs after about 5 mins. It will do this even if I just mount it and then quit D-Tools, and not start the game. I have to physically hard reboot, no response whatsoever. Very odd, only game doing this. I do not like using my original discs all the time because of scratches, so I make images of everything. The game runs fine, but this hanging bug is irritating.

10.04.2006, 19:15
So it does not hang if you play from original and/or if you un-install Daemon Tools (incl. SPTD layer)?

11.04.2006, 06:05
It plays fine from the original, its only if the image is mounted into D-Tools that it hangs. I think it has something to do with the CD protection?