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11.04.2006, 10:54
I have used Daemon Tools for over 2 years. I have never had any problems with it untill 2 months ago. When ever I mount an image my entire PC freezes. Not immidiatly, only when I go to My Computer! When I mount the image it should run automaticly but it doesn't, so I go to My Computer and that's when my PC freezes and everything stops working. But if I wait for about 5 minutes without going to My Computer it freezes anyway. So what I do nowadays is I mount the image, immidiatly go to ISOBuster (which by the way CAN see the mounted image) and I unpack the image in a folder and then I quickly unmount the image with Daemon Tools because I obviously don't want my PC to freeze up again... I have tried all sorts of things, I have deleted the virtual CD/DVD station drivers. I uninstalled Daemon Tools and re-installed it, I have tried all kinds of other programs that let you mount images in a virtual CD/DVD station but they all freeze my PC! I really don't know how to fix this and it's a real pain in the ass. Plus, I could format my PC if I didn't have to back up 180 GB of data excluding games and apps...

13.04.2006, 08:16
Which version of Daemon Tools do you have installed?

13.04.2006, 11:04
Version 4.03HE .

13.04.2006, 12:41
It sounds like another program is causing conflicts. I'd uninstall burning and CD programs like ISObuster (though I think ISObuster is fine). Things like AnyDVD and packet writing software like Sonic DLA, Drag-To-Disc (formerly Direct CD), InCD, CE Quadrat Just!Burn, File CD, and Sony abCD. Not that there's any known issue with certain kinds of software but I'm just trying to name things you may not have thought of removing.

14.04.2006, 02:01
Same problem here....needed to run Windows XP in SAFE MODE to uninstall Daemon to stop the freezing in My PC....huummmm.....strange thing....maybe there is an application that is causing some problem?...the listed above by Underheaven I've uninstalled.....so, maybe another thing is the problem......or Daemon is the problem........

Maybe somebody has the same problem.....???


24.04.2006, 18:13
Heyy.....I'm still having problems mounting an image......just ONE image.......is a BWT image of SWEAT (a MINI image that I've found on internet)......I don't know why it freezes, even with alcohol my PC freezes.......

Does somebody knows WHY it's happening this error?

It freezes 5 or more minutes.....jummmm


25.04.2006, 04:16
Well this happens when I try to mount the SWEAT Mini image that I've found in the Internet.......My Lector is not capable to make a good Image of my originals.....if somebody knows about one, please tell me......:D