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25.07.2003, 17:06
I keep getting it once I click "Unmount all drives" and after I click mount drive, and I click the file that I want mounted.

How can I fix that?

25.07.2003, 17:32
Can you post the exact BSOD message?
Do you have Blindwrite installed?

25.07.2003, 19:10
No, I don't have Blindwrite installed, but I recently had EasyCD Creator installed, but I uninstalled it.

I'll find that BSOD message now.

25.07.2003, 19:16
This is the BSOD message:

"A fatal exception OD has occurred at 0028:C000B28A in VXD VMM(01) + 0000A28A. The current application will be terminated."

I get this after clicking on "mount image", and selecting which file I wanted to mount.

25.07.2003, 19:25
This seems to be an issue with video card. Could you try upgrading/changing your video card driver? What video card do you have?

25.07.2003, 23:53
Hm... its an ATI ALL IN WONDER 128

There shouldn't be anything wrong with it...

26.07.2003, 01:50

Some suggestions are to change your # of colors to 256, lower resolution, lower acceleration, etc... I'm not saying 100% it is your video card, i'm just telling you what i found from google.

01.08.2003, 00:55
Well, good news and bad news... I no longer get the BSOD.

The bad news is that whenever I click unmount all drives or mount image, it freezes, and when I press any button, it restarts my computer.

:?: :?:

04.08.2003, 03:52
How do I fix it?

04.08.2003, 05:18
Your problems may be caused by easy cd creator leaving crap behind. How did you get rid of your bsod?