View Full Version : Problem with my cd burner and other cdrom reader

25.07.2003, 17:36
Hi All,

Maybe this will help some. I use D-tools since the 2.88 version.
I just realized something weird. Until the 3.33 version, I simply thought that my cdrom reader (samsung 52x) wasn't working anymore. In fact I installed the 3.33 yesterday (I was using the 3.29 and just understood that it was D-Tools wich was preventing it to run properly. So now it's my cdrom burner (msi 48x16x48) which doesn't run with the 3.33 version, while my cdrom reader works just fine...!!! Any solution? I will install the 3.29 again for now waiting for your fix.


PS: well it seems that my firewall is HEAVILY involved too and it's not the first time this ZA pro makes problems

15.08.2003, 18:06
I'm having the same problem - I managed to create one CD+G with CloneCD but it crashed right at the end (the disc burned fine tho) and now my CDRW just won't recognise any disc at all now, even when I uninstall daemon.
Any ideas?