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12.04.2006, 08:28
Since Deamon 4 was installed, Windows takes ages to boot and even after it does, it works slower than usual and stutters when I open new programs.

I'm using Windows XP (SP2) if it's any help.
I looked around the forum and everyone is saying delete SPTD but I haven't got that.

Any other help?
Please, thanks.

12.04.2006, 12:24
If you've Daemon Tools v4.0x installed and working, you've for sure SPTD layer installed ;) Daemon Tools v4.0x won't work without it.
Rename sptd.sys in Windows\System32\Drivers directory and reboot - check if this solves the problem.
Also check in system event log for error messages related to sptd.sys (run eventvwr.msc). If so post the message here, incl. all binary bytes.

12.04.2006, 13:34
Turns out Deamon4 wasn't fully installed.
After fully installing. I've found three SPTD files and deleted them all>uninstalled Deamon + that Advert thing that came with it and then re-booted. nothing http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/images/icons/icon9.gif
Any further advice? Other things I can delete or something? ha. Almost anything but to format is fine by me.

13.04.2006, 08:28
C'mon please, My PC feels eight year old now because of this stupid bug or whatever.

Anything I need to delete in the reg?

13.04.2006, 12:12
If you removed Daemon Tools and SPTD layer the issue can not be caused by Daemon Tools. Check if dtscsi.sys is removed, and the Daemon Tools folder in program files directory is deleted.
What about errors in system event log?

19.04.2006, 03:05
Pretty much am experiencing same problem name555 is having. Ran Daemon 4.0 for over a year with no problems. I was always careful to unmount my drive before rebooting. finally got careless and left it mounted. Since then my comps runs at a crawl for everything. Uninstalled, re-installed, used spdtinst, error checked, defragged. Finally formatted and still have same problems that I have had ever since that reboot. Running:

p4 3 GHz
2 gig ddr dual channel ram
win xp sp2
geforce 6200 256 ddr

It could be something else like Copytrooper posted but mighty weird to have same slowdown problem has name555, also saw another post here with slowdown probs. Thing is, would not a format have taken care of it?

19.04.2006, 19:33
Where did you get Daemon Tools v4.0 over a year ago? ;)
Anyhow, if you even re-formatted and re-installed the issue can not be caused by Daemon Tools nor by SPTD layer. Strange issue though.

19.04.2006, 21:30
I can infer from your post that 4.0 wasn't available a year ago which means whatever version it was, that was not it. ;)

At any rate, I cannot check it since I formatted. Trying the various install and remove files sptd and dtscsi along with uninstaller in safe mode to see if it makes a difference. After that, next step I have planned is to zero the drive manually. Running out of ideas.


22.04.2006, 03:38
Flashed the CMOS/BIOS and instantly had no more problems. =)

My comp runs as it should now.


24.04.2006, 10:38

I'm giving this thread a bump, because I experience the same problem as name555 and Bouncy.
I have an Athlon X2 dual-core system (2x 2,2GHz), and my system is so slow that even Winamp is unable to play an MP3 file! It stutters like hell when I'm opening explorer or IE.

This all started after installing Daemon v4.0.3. Even after un-installing it, the problem remains!

I couldn't find Daemon Tools in my Software list (appwiz.cpl), so I used the uninstall icon in the Start Menu.
After a reboot, I manually deleted "dtscsi.sys" and "sptd*.*" (my system found 3 sptd* files). The Daemon Tools map in Program Files was already gone after the uninstall process.
I did a search through the registry and deleted every "daemon" key. (only found 1 useless key)

Well, seems like everything sould be fine... NO, it isn't!
My 2nd CPU core goes sky-high when I open something! Windows Explorer takes almost 5 seconds to open and Winamp stutters all the time. When I show the "Kernel Times" in the taskmanager CPU graph, the second CPU is 70% red!
When I download a 35MB file from the internet (like Nero); when the downloading is finished, IE writes the file from it's temp map to the given destination on your harddrive. As we all know, this process usually goes really fast. You can see a progress-bar with something like: saving Q28G9MD4 -> Nero.exe.
Well, now it takes about a minute! CPU is almost 100%!

Okay, it's not a coincidence that name555 and Bouncy suffer from the same problem. So, to the Daemon programmers: can you please think REAL hard, what Daemon Tools v4 actually changes to your system, and what changes remain after uninstalling Daemon Tools v4?
For example: what is it with the message about the Kernel Debugger and SoftICE? I had this pop-up when installing v4. (I don't have SoftICE though). Why is my system using this HUGE amount of CPU cycles now? Most of the time, it's the "SYSTEM" process that uses all the CPU cycles. And sometimes the CPU graphs go above 70%, while the "System Idle Process" uses 99%, which means idle... so? It keeps bothering me about the huge kernel CPU cycles AND the kernel debugger message. Eventlog is clean though, no probs.

...but my system is totally crap right now.

Hope someone can help me out.

PS: I've always used D-tools 347 without ANY problems, love it!

24.04.2006, 12:14
MpDay, your post didn't show up immediately because the forums are moderated, i.e. posts by users with less than 20 posts need to be approved by a moderator first.

After having uninstalled DT4, please try uninstalling SPTD (refer to DuplexSecure's support page (http://www.duplexsecure.com/support/) for help). As DT4 is no longer present on your system, your problems are probably caused by SPTD, assuming they were caused by the installation of DT4.

24.04.2006, 19:53


I've spend almost 6 hours today, trying to find a solution to the high cpu usage after installing and uninstalling daemon-tools v4.

I don't know how it's possible, but I came across a post that said something about CD/DVD drives running in PIO mode.
I checked my IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers in the Device Manager (devmgmt.msc), and my primary IDE channel was running in PIO mode. Although I use a SATA harddrive, my DVD is connected to my primary IDE channel.

Reverting back to uDMA is impossible from the Device Manager, but the solution can be found here:

DMA reverts to PIO - The stuttering DVD drive (http://winhlp.com/WxDMA.htm)

Download the script (see Quick Solution), run it and reboot. After that, your IDE drives will be re-detected and set to uDMA.
The script simply deletes/resets the registry entries found in this key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Long story, simply let the script do it's job.
It worked for me!

I installed Daemon Tools v4 because I wanted to install Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. It uses Starforce security, and after some read errors (or something), Starforce seems to mess with your PIO / uDMA settings. Once your drives run in PIO mode, theres no turning back without some registry hacking. (thanks to the script).

I blame starforce for this, not daemon tools. :)

25.04.2006, 01:03
Glad you got back to UDMA.

If I may add one thing: instead of using that script you can just use the device manager to uninstall your primary or secondary channel (not the ide controller)

27.04.2006, 21:01
Hi all,

I am having the same problem. after installing Daemon Tools (latest version) my computer hangs very often,, often when i start a new program or open a new IE window,, it hangs for like 30 secs then its all ok again..

I have however checked all my drivers.. they are however all in the Ultra DMA mode...

but in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers
i found 2 sptd system files
1 : sptd
2 : sptd0989

Do i need to do anything to them??