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13.04.2006, 02:22
I believe 4.03 is causing major crashes on some systems (well at least one anyway).

Clean Install:
Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 2, NVIDIA driver, Mobo Drivers, system is standalone during testing, AVG antivirus.

My System:
Athlon 2500XP Barton (not overclocked during testing)
Two different types/brands of HDD (used alternately)
Sparkle 6600GT AGP

What happens:
Several bad things have happened to the clean system including; rebooting system and getting a chkdsk running that appears to be deleting/repairing practically every file on the system ('inode $10 truncated - deleting' type messages), partition table rooted (fdisk reports an unknown filesystem after about ten reboots), files corrupted, many DLL error message warnings about corruption and requiring chkdsk to be run, strangely the first program to screw up is the AVG control centre (when it is installed) otherwise it is system32, runDLL, and others like it. The first crash I got a box popup (a windows dialog thing) telling me that stuff on my system didnt have appropriate permissions (it was talking about system DLLs as it listed some. Unfortunately I didnt pay enough attention at the time(was first crash) and I didn't see this behaviour a second time).
As you can see I have kept the system isolated from any network connections and done all testing as a stand alone system. No problems where experienced until I upgraded to 4.03 and by testing combinations of game images and an earlier version 3.46 I isolated that the only time anything ever went wrong was with version 4.03 which i upgraded to for V8 supercars. All I can tell you is that if I run 4.03 on this system it dies badly and if I run the older version everything is fine (except for toca3 of course which needs 4.03 to run) and no corruptions occur.
I tried the exact same procedure(multiple times) with a new HDD and it also was corrupted within a couple of hours of daemon tools installation.
Maybe it is just a bug with the way DT interacts with my particular system which means it will affect other people also. I am hoping it is a coincidence but the fact that it shut down my anti viral protection before stuffing everything else (and AVG was the first corruption whenever it was installed (installed either before or after daemon tools).
I apologise for being the bearer of such evil sounding tidings but let me say that I like DT and there is no anger/malice directed towards you guys. I just hope you nail down whatever the problems are.
Ask any questions and I will answer you to the best of my ability.
BTW: These problems occur without the use/installation of any games at all (images are actually on another medium during testing as my first suspicion was TOCA3 infected).

BTW: I must have reinstalled windows at least 20 times so the above information was obtained from multiple clean installs on two different hard drives all exhibit the same problems except for the frist time it happened when i got those perm,ission errors - havent seen that again.

BTW2: The problems occur wether or not you install the search bar. It was tried multiple times with searchbar installed, not installed, accidentally installed and manually removed (all done multiple times <-- i think you got that bit)!!!

13.04.2006, 04:16
in no way are we enraged because you reported this!!!
That's what the forums are for!

Well, frankly spoken: Noone ever reported the bugs you
mentioned. I guess already around 10 Million people use V4,
I really doubt that such an error will never reached this forum
or our email-support for such a long time IF there was such
a critical bug.

However, we can of course not be 100% sure. Therefore
please contact us directly at support@daemon-tools.cc
with reference to this thread.

One last question: How did you created the images? (Which
Application was used and which settings)? /f.e. Toca3 etc/