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13.04.2006, 15:45

I tried installing and using DT about 3 months ago. It never really seemed to work right, and ever since then, whenever I try to uninstall it, my computer crashes "BIG TIME"!!!

Same when I click either on the icon in the task bar, or the virtual drive thats now listed on my computer. Any of those 3 attempts to use or uninstall DT causes my computer to go to a totall black screen, where not even my mouse works anymore. No blue, white, green screens, just total blackness, and then on the next reboot I get the old, "Windows was closed improperly last time, you may have errors on your disc, we're going to perfom a diagnostic test, if you don't want it, please click on any button within the next 10,9,8,7,6 etc... seconds.

How can I totally get Daemon Tools off my HD, taskbar, and desktop, and startup menue? On taskbar when I click on the icon it gives the choices of 'Unmount all drives" or "Device F No Media" and when I click on either one, it's "crash time" all over again. Samething when I click on "Drive F-DVD Drive"

Please help...
I have WinXP Pro, with SP1 (not 2)

Thank You
briamor at optonilne.net

13.04.2006, 17:34
Manual removal procedures are mentioned in related threads in common problems and solutions forum (for v3.43 - v3.47 the thread about error 25002, for v4.0x the thread about how to remove v4 - note that complete removal of v4.0x requires SPTD layer to be removed, too - see notes in that thread. Also note that removal of SPTD layer will cause problems with other software using it, e.g. newest Alcohol version).
Regarding the crash(s), do you have minidump(s) available related to them (in Windows\Minidump folder)? If so send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.