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24.11.2002, 02:21
I use daemon tools almost exclusively to mount AKAY CD images, in order to have a faster and easier access to my sample library.
Only specific applications like CD extract or softsamplers like Halion or Kontakt can recordgnize Akay CD. I am a Kontakt user.
Since I upgrade my system to WINXP, Kontakt cannot recordgnize AKAY CD images anymore (in its built-in file browser). If I turn back to WIN98, same version of both Kontakt (1.1) and daemon-tools (3.26) - and same computer as well - everything is working fine again.

Under XP:

If I insert an Akay CD on physical drives, Kontakt recordgnizes that.

If I mount on virtual drives common types of CD rom or audio CD's, Kontakt recordgnize that as well. The problem concerns only AKAY CD images.

Does all this have to do with WINXP aspi? How can I resolve that?

24.11.2002, 03:26
I have this exact same problem as you can see in my thread (the one under yours).
But I can't tell if it's OS specific for me. I have the same problem under both Win 2000 and XP.
I have never even tried 98 since the OS itself is horrible.
In my case I can mount (and read) AKAI discs just fine if I use DAEMON Tools v3.02 or earlier.
I wonder if it would work for you as well or if I'm the only one with this problem?

24.11.2002, 12:22
The problem seems to be only 2000/XP related. I have another guy who can use Daemon in 9x OS and read AKAI discs with CDExtract fine. I am investigating this.

24.11.2002, 13:20
Hello Chronic,
so you say that with the version 3.02 of daemon tools I can solve the problem...
I will try to install that instead, until a solution will be found....
Bye :)

24.11.2002, 14:22
May anybody send me daemon tools 3.02 (or some ftp link) - I can't find it anywhere :( .
Thanks a lot
Paul 8)

24.11.2002, 14:24
oops... my email address

24.11.2002, 14:27
E-mail sent Paul. :)

25.11.2002, 00:25
I installed daemon tools 3.02 on WinXP.
I tried to read Akai images from the following applications: Sampletank akai converter; CD Extract; Kontakt; Scope fusion Platform 3.1c
Everyone of these recordgnizes images but Kontakt, the only one I really care.
Sometimes Kontakt can see images but only if they are mounted on the first virual drive - I don't know if this can be helpful
Images on other virtual drived are not recordgnized.

I could finally think that the responsible is Kontakt, but, remind, it is working perfectly under WIN98

25.11.2002, 02:53
If it is working for you only from first CDROM then there is for sure nothing to fix in Daemon, Kontakt authors should fix it. Virtual drive in Daemon has exactly same functionality independing of drive letter.
Kernels of XP and 9x operating systems have almost nothing in common, so the fact it works for you in 9x does not mean anything at all.

10.01.2003, 17:30
Anyone have a solution?


08.06.2007, 18:42
hi, dear friends of this forum, hi daemon team,, i installed the daemon tools in mi pc win xp but i have problems with akai cd recognition format(phisycal drive) d:, im using kontakt 2.1,cd xtraxt and xtreme sampler convert so since i installed the daemon tools that applications can't read the akai format discs, so can i do to resolve thisїїїї:confused: thnks daniel from mexico