View Full Version : Can daemon tools and Elby Clonedrive coexist?

26.07.2003, 15:25
Can deamon and clonedrive coexist? Can't find an answer on google or searching the deamon site. Anyone know?



26.07.2003, 15:28
Well, donґt know a reason why not, but why would you need it? Daemon Tools can mount ccd-images, so no reason for CloneDrive?

26.07.2003, 15:37
Well, I don't have any great reasons, just because

#1. Since clonecd comes with CloneDrive, you have do make an active decision not to install it

#2. In those situations where I am not knowledgeable enough to be able to tell which piece of software is better, how they are different, or whether they have different functionality, my usual response is to install both and play with them. Sometimes that works out, sometimes they conflict and leave residual pieces of software that conflict, and it is a potential disaster. Sorta similar to the process I am going through now trying to decide whether to have Nero or Easy CD or both on my box. I like Nero better, but I can't get it to burn at 48X while Easy CD will, for some reason I cannot understand.

#3. Just in general, I hate making decisions ...

Any other opinions out there? Is it OK to have both?

26.07.2003, 15:39
Along the same line, does anyone know if the two programs are substantially different? They sorta sound a lot the same, no offense intended of course to the locals.

26.07.2003, 16:45
Well, clonecd is able to make and burn images, but daemon tools can't. However, dtools virtual drive is superior to clone cd's. Clonecd can only mount ccd and iso, afaik, but dtools mounts all kinds of formats.

Oh, and clonedrive doesn't get updated much (anymore?);
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and is blacklisted by some protections.

26.07.2003, 18:36
Copied from the Elby website:

Supports the following image types: CCD, IMG, BIN, ISO, UDF

26.07.2003, 18:39
What does "blacklisted by some protections" mean and why is it important?

26.07.2003, 18:48
Means if you try to run a game which uses a protection which blacklisted the virtual CloneDrive the game wonґt run.

28.07.2003, 23:27
The CloneDrive is limited in the emulations it can provide, and yes they can both co-exist together. For a time there Daemon tools would not support Nero images, and I had CloneDrive, ImageDrive *and* DT running - total of 6 virtual drives.

Then Alcohol came out with one of their own, and I bumped all to the max - 8 virtual sheep clone drives, 4 DT drives, and 1 each from Nero and Alcohol.

I hit the dark ages, as I did not ever see the link being moved from the old site to here, and I lost touch with newer versions - I swear I ran 3.26 for over a year :oops:

Anyway, I found out about 3.33 and learned all sorts of things had changed, like new support for loading Nero image drives, etc.

Now, I am down to one DT and 1 alcohol, which I use as a back up to load stuff after downloading from the internet if I have a regular image loaded up in DT to play (for example, gothic 2).

All will run fin with each other, including the new Nero ImageDrive 2.23 (which comes with Nero 6 Ultra).

28.07.2003, 23:55
to load stuff after downloading from the internet

Be careful. We con't support warez here.

28.07.2003, 23:56
errr, I meant programs I had purchased and downlaoded directly from the net, yeah, that's it :twisted: