View Full Version : Disable virtual DVD-ROM

14.04.2006, 15:09
Hallo.I need some advise here : last days after i disable the virtual dvd the daemon tools says to me that i have to restart the pc so the changes work. Before i disable the virtual dvd without to restart the pc.Any ideas ;

Win XP PRO SP1 & SP2
D TOOLS 4.03

14.04.2006, 16:36
This is not caused by Daemon Tools, but svchost - you can try to enable InUse Check in Daemon Tools options, then disable the virtual device, and if you get the message about svchost press Retry (or press and hold R on your keyboard in case you get such message over and over again). To avoid problems with open handles either disable InUse check afterwards, or press Ignore on such message then (e.g. if you unmount an image).
But why do you disable the virtual device anyway?