View Full Version : W2K Pro SP4 freezes during install of dt-3.33

26.07.2003, 18:05

I just tried to install Daemon Tools 3.33 (daemon333.exe) on my laptop.

After the readme file has been displayed (and closed by me);
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the actual install starts followed by a complete freeze of the system 1 or 2 seconds later (I have to use the powerbutton to get any further).

There is no errors in the eventlog, nor onscreen.

I have not installed any CD-ROM burning software (physical drive is a DVD-ROM only);
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or CD emulation software.

I have not used Easy CD Creater on this machine.

I tried a couple of older versions (oldest was 3.23);
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but the result was the same.

I have had an awful lot of other kinds of software installed and uninstalled, since I often test applications on this machine. :roll: